Hello all. I'm actually trying to get a resolution for my buddy in teh Army because well, his windows wont start. It started today. Okk, He was downloading some songs last night and they finished. BTW, he did not DL any driver updates or software updates. Nothing like that.

Whe he went to play one of these songs media player came up saying this device is not working i.e. So I guess he just turned the PC off for the night. He turned it back on today and it makes it to the windows logo where the status bar is loading windows, and this is when it restarts the boot up process from scratch every time. I had him try and go into Safe mode. But it wouldn't even boot up to safe mode.

Does this sound like a virus? hardware or SF problem? the HD cooling fan is working properly BTW. Thanks all for the insight and help:)

hi again, I sent my frienda copy of XP and was gonna have him start the PC with the disk and see if we could get XP reinstalled. But the PC is reading the disc on boot. I found this link to fix this problem from MS.

http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;310396 But I cant use this to fix the problem if the PC doesn't prompt him.

1.standard cmos features
2.advanced bios features
3. advanced chipset features
4.integrated peripherals
5. power mgt. setup
6.pmp/pci config.
7.pc help status

The is the menu that comes up when he hit's delete on boot. My dell is F2 or F12 and I don't get this options. Basically I just need help to find out how to get this drive to run the disc.

Thanks for the help

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