one of my computers has this problem.
All r configured the same way.
W7, one user, Admin, on C drive
All other users on D drive
All systems r up to date.
Network printer hard wired to router.
All have the same printer drivers installed.
I believe the following symptoms r correct, but I may have missed something.
It is all very confusing.

Logged on as a std or admin user (not Admin) When I try to print from this one, from Word, Excel, Outlook, Wordpad, or a PDF file the job flashes in the print queue for 1/2 sec and nothing happens - no print. Any TXT file will print. JPEG files will print from MSO OIS or Windows Picture Viewer. If I try the same thing from the Admin user all the files print. When the files print, they show in the print queue for 3-5 sec.

If I change ALL the font in the file I am trying to print to Caslon.... the file will print. This includes XLSX files. There r a few fonts I can use that will print. I have not figured out how to get PDFs to print. If there is ONE character that is, say, Times New Roman it will not print.

Printer driv has been reinstalled 4 times.
MSO has been reinstalled.
Again, this problem does not exist on the other systems.
Data entry in the reg has been deleted.
Normal.dotx has been replaced.
I prefer not to have to reinstall W7 for what appears to be a registry issue.


The only thing I can think of is to make sure that the Windows print spooler is loaded on Windows 7 and make sure that it is set to spool instead of print sraight to the device. Without the spooler it would send straight to the printer and possibly overload the printers memory.

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