Hello everyone, not sure i'm in the right forum, new here :) Having problems getting sound on certain avi files playing though wmp10. I down loaded few films and when ever theres a file with Audio Codec : Nero Digital Audio Decoder ? (i find all files in the properties box allways as this Audio Codec) i never get any sound! I am a novice and in the dark about all this, but if anyone could help i would be very greatful..

hay there buddy im going to help you out a little bit no i up graded to wmp11 beta but your running 10 9 already has what is called a dvd decoder witch decodes the sound for music and dvds ok if you can understand that then you need to download or buy a dvd/mp3 decoder to process the sound through your sound card regardless weather its on board or not i used intervideo it comes right now on the net for 19.95 $ and it worked for me so if you still have problems type in google windows media player dvd/mp3 decoder and download a product of your choice i also have nero and it would not work best of luck peace realthick