Most of the comments in the thread about startup (How do you add things to startup) look like they may still be appropriate, except they are nine years old!
Where is the start menu in Windows 7?
When I use sysconfig, I see that some things that definitely don't need to be there are, and some things that need to be there arent. I need to try to fix this.
PS: I love the "robot question", rather then something like "let's see if you can read these letters written as wierd and convoluted as I can possibly make them". Good for you Daniweb. Thanks.

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what thread are you talking about? You need to post a link to it.

Where is the start menu in Windows 7?

Are you kidding??? The Start menu is in the left most side of the toolbar. You can't miss it unless you're blind.


Do you mean where is the start menu in Windows 8? Because they got rid of it.


Thanks for the repies!
Windows 8 seems sortof "dumbed down" to me, so I do not like it. I am using windows 7. As I meant to say, I am seeing the list using msconfig, not sysconfig. My bad!
Thanks for your time.
PS: I always give every response a positive vote!


I found how a program can be added to the startup file, I think:

The program can be shortcutted to
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
which is empty...
or if you use Start Menu/All Programs/Startup, that one is located at...
C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
which is not the same as the location above...

Edit: The first will affect all users, the second will affect a specific user.

both of which do not any of the other programs that are listed in System Configuration (run msconfig), Startup Tab. Where is the parent file??

I notice that in that list, there are a bunch of programs that were initially set to run, that I never heard of. How did they get there? I dunno...
Again, where is the parent file, so I can remove them?

I have found that it is very handy to keep a short cut in the Start Menu (as opposed to the Startup menu) to System Configuration, so I can routinely check to disable new invasive and unwelcome additions to the Startup Menu that have been activated by unknown persons.
I notice that software that I have long ago removed (supposedly) still has an entry. I have found that using Control Panel/Programs & Features to "uninstall" programs definitely does not remove everything that was initially installed. I wonder if there is a better way to "uninstall" a program that does get rid of everything.

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Do you want to move this thread to a more appropriate forum? Microsoft Windows maybe?


Dunno how to do that, but if you do and are able and don't mind doing it for me, then please do it.
While the link I mention above has the most information I found, it does not answer the question: Where is the main list. Maybe there isn't one. Maybe it's scattered in my registry, which is still somewhat a mystery to me. I dunno...
Have a good one, all.

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