Hi everyone,

I'm in the middle of a project, and I've been asked to partition the letter where Oracle is going to be installed.
This is my first time doing any kind of partition, can someone help me. Thanks

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This might be helpful.

Partition the letter? That doesn't make much sense. You can only assign the letter to the volume or partition the hard drive. Only brand new drives and/or drives with deleted partitions need partitioning. Safest way to determine if your drive needs partitioning is to open disk management and see if you have partitioned all drives. If some are unpartitioned you would see boxes labeled "unpartitioned space". Still, that would be a very weird request from the installation program...


If this is the first time you partition a hard drive, you better choose an easy-to-use one. Actually, I've been using partition assistant for 3 years. It's always reliable and performs well. And since this is your first time partition server hard drive, even though this software is simple, I still recommmed you to learn more details on their website: disk-partition.com/res/aomei-partition-assistant-server-edition.html

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