A. I cant run word or excel cause it's asking me for some file to install from the cd, i put the cd in and it says something like invalid key.
B. I try to upgrade to Office 2003 and bypass that file, i do both upgrade and full install and neither one of them worked.
C. I then tried to uninstall 2000 to do just a fresh full install of 2003 and it goes through the process, i close add/remove programs, go back in and its still there.

any help is appreciated....Thanks!

running windows 2000 pro, sp 4

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Usually a Microsoft product won't complain about the product key being invalid unless it is some type of pirated software. I am not making any acusations though, as we all know that software can be faulty at times. :) Whether it is or isn't pirated software is your personal business, but if it is pirated, then don't expect too much out of it. :-/


Thanks guys, I'm going to try that erase2k and see if that works. I actually also found that there is a null file in my office 2000 folder in program files. that file can not be deleted and thats the reason I cant remove it. Thanks for the help!


i tried the erase2k, i seemed to delete a decent amount, but when i tried to install my office 2003, it keeps getting stuck on the file x2550703.cab....says it cant find it on the cd and asks to point to that file. then i have to cancel it and it cant finish the install.

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