I keep getting pop-ups from some stupid website, and every now and then the site opens a new tab in my internet explorer.

I did block the website already, i activated my pop-up blocker and i'm updating my antivirus.

What else can I do?? IT'S ******* IRITATING!!!

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Get JRT and hopefully it will sort it out.

Post the notepad notes :)

PS: this shoud be on the viruses section

Haha sorry I was so mad I didn't take the time to search for a section.
Thanks, i wil see if it works

Also, get rid of IE and install another browser.

What would you suggest?

I've been using Google Chrome for the past years and I love it.

Chrome is starting to do the same - ads that eat up your memory with always running videos - hate it but it seems to be the best one around

exactly, I used chrome but it started giving me problems so i switched back to IE.

Actually Chrome doesn't pose any problems at all if you bother to install an adblock... It's also helpful to have an updated anti-virus and a cleaning tool.

Get JRT and hopefully it will sort it out.
Post the notepad notes :)
PS: this shoud be on the viruses section

Hi Mya:),

What blackmiau said above is true-
Given the symptoms you've described, it does sound like you have a browser-redirect/browser-hijack infection, and you'll definitely get more "expert eyeballs" looking at that problem if you start a new thread in our Viruses, Spyware and other Nasties Forum.

Please start a new thread there, and when you do, please try to include as many details as you can regarding the exact problem you're experiencing. From there, we can help you work through the steps needed to clean the infection(s) out of you system.

Your computer has been affected with unwanted ADWARE programs or PUPs that are good at producing various pop-ups in the browsers. Go to your control panel-->uninstall those unknown software-->remove unknown or suspicious add-ons from your browser. You can learn how to remove pop-ups from your IE

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