After i logon to XP, i get application failed to initialize (0xc0000005), click OK to terminate the program twice, and then only wallpaper appears, no icons or menus. And when i press (Ctrl+Alt+Del) your taskbar has been disabled, I tried to boot safe mode, even that failed. I ve got very important Data and not even thinking of formatting computer. How do i solve the problem, I can't even explore my computer back up my data. Can anyone plzz help me out. I tried editing user.init using winlive cd, that didnt work. I will be very grateful if anyone could help me solve this problem.

Thank you...

hi, looks like you have nastie trojan ,unless you can remove hardrive and hook it to another computer to remove your important data ,and scan the drive to remove trojans ,i think its time to take to repair shop to get your important data.

when you do the alt+ctrl+dle does it open the task manager ,if can you go to file ,net task and type in explorer.exe

can u tell me that last time when it was working fine.....(last time before now,means not shwoing desktop).....did u insatalled something or upgraded internet explorer etc..............???????
i have faced same problem ..when i upgraded my internet explorer 6 to 7............after next logon it was facing same problem..........then i uninsateeld the i.e 7...........and its done....

When you start with windows type 'WINKEY+R', this will open 'Run' now type 'gpedit.msc', now

1. Go to the following location 'User Configuration/Administrative Templates/System/ctrl+alt+del options/
5. Select Disabled for all 4 options there and choose OK
6. Close the Group Policy Editor and restart your computer
7. Try opening TaskManager now

Then open 'file/new task' and type in explorer.exe...

If it works report back, we'll help you get rid of the virus/trojan/etc.