Seeking to install virtual machine to windows 8 Pro 64bit machine following guidance found at: http://4sysops.com/archives/windows-8-xp-mode-part-1-hyper-v/
Can follow the steps until the “install options” page. The Windows XP CD is in the disk drive but install does not launch. Images are uploaded to Microsoft SkyDrive at: https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=52B21D2F3F75A51A!3746

Additionally, selecting the "connect" option does not connect the virtual machine as per the instructions of the article. There is apparently a permissions issue but I am logged on as the administrator.

How does one get the operating system on the virtual machine and also connect the vm?

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For what puropse do you need a VM? I ask this as usually it's capabilities are quite limited.
I found setting up a dual boot to be far more sucessful and more useful than a VM.


Have opted to learn a variety of aspects of virtualization and this would be such an excercise. The vm is running but now the option to install an OS does not appear. The settings are pointed to the DVD drive and not I look to complete the configuration, enable an active connection, establish a virtual network adapter. Looking for an informed opinion.

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Well sorry for trying to offer advice. I sure won't be posting in this thread again.


I am running win8 pro ,but I don't have a Hyper-v compatable hardware so i have yet to be able to play/learn it like you are trying to do ,but i would try microsoft based website for some help ,one like this one below ,I know that you are using win8 and they are using windows server but it should be the same ,somewhat good luck
Hyver-V help

and this link [maybe someday ]i like that comes from within the other link .
Are you smarter than a fifth grader in setting up Hyper-V

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You can either use Windows Hyper-V or try the latest version of VirtualBox (VBox) or VMware. If you want to use VBox or VMware you will need to disable Hyper-V on your Win-8 system. Also, you will need to enable VT-x in the BIOS before you install the VM manager.


if you read OP's 2nd post they are just looking to learn about Hiper-v they don't necessairly have a urgent need to use windows in a VM

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