Hello everyone,

I have this serious issue from a couple of days with my desktop.
I bought a new corsair vs350 PSU, since my older psu burst. Then it was working fine but just after two days it crashed and did not startup.

I checked each of the plugs and tighten them but nothing works. I can see the green light turning on while giving the power supply.
Amazing thing is that my cpu sometimes run successfully when I press the power button after few days. But that is all luck based. I don't understand what can be the problem.
It cannot be that my motherboard is busted since it do starts sometimes.

Can anyone help me in this issue.

Windows 7, core i5 processeor, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 9400GT NVIDIA graphics

Thanks and regards

I would try replacing the power supply. It may be working enough to light the green LED but not enough to power the mother board.

Take a look at the motherboard and see if there are blown capacitors? Maybe old psu burn some motherboard electronics.

A 350W PSU seems under-powered for the hardware that your computer packs. An i5 CPU, 4GB of RAM, and a 9400T graphics card would require quite a bit more power than that, at least a 500W PSU.

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