My pc had loaded autrun for a disc and now either shuts down or freezes the screen, and the response time is like 5 secs in this state. windows vista black, toshiba satellite Harmon/Kardon model number p105-s9722. Peviously it had lines across the screen vertically, fixed by updating all drivers, and reinstalling windows, it worked for a bit after reinstalling some programs and it started all over again (like in the beginning of this post). The only time this doen't happen is when I have disable the driver or in safe mode, and the response time is instant. I think it's the display hardware and it's a laptop so I can't change unless I solder. Is there anyway to fix this.

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And also this is weird, from the very beginning the start menu when u open it, no words show up in the programs, would for that to stop. That would be nice.


While changing the graphics chip on a laptop is more toward chip level, you can confirm your diagnosis by running your hardware verndor provided diagnostic program. That should run a stress test on your video card and if it fails, will report the problem.

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