My computer keeps zoning out. Losing Wifi connection and when I "fix" the wifi adapter soon after it notifies me that the "wifi does not have a valid IP configuration" and then, it re-connects itself and it's fine for a while..then zones out again. I would appreciate it if someone could walk me through the steps on how to fix this; I'm sure it isn't complicated to some but it's latin to me and driving me wired right now.

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I'm sure it isn't complicated to some but it's latin to me and driving me wired right now.

With Microsoft Windows, sometimes you experience these strange behaviours.

The first question is do you have this problem with any other computer or wireless device on your network? If not, you can try using another network adapter and see if that solves your issue.

Alternatively, this works sometimes, especially for those unexplained, un-fixible issues... You can go into Device Manager and uninstall the network adapter. Right click the computer object in the same window, top of the tree listing, and select, rescan. Windows will find the network adapter and reinstall it automatically. Sometimes, just reinstalling the adapter solves the problem.

If it doesnt, the problem could be with your adapter, generally not an adapter issue. Or the problem could be with Windows itself. Sometimes the fix could be as simple as downloading the latest driver for your adapter (found on the adapter's website). Or, I've experienced many times where you spend hours and hours trying to fix it using the steps I mentioned above and the problem would only resolve itself once I reinstalled the operation system.

Do you have two computers with the same IP address?

I only have one computer-laptop (don't know if that matters).

Oh, you can also try reseting the TCP/IP stack...

Open a command prompt, run as Admin.

For Windows Windows 7 -->
Start> Programs> Accessories> and right click on Command Prompt, select "Run as Administrator"

For Windows 8 -->
Use Windows Key + X and choose Command Prompt (Admin).

In the command prompt window that opens, type the following commands:

netsh winsock reset catalog [press enter]
netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log [press enter]

restart the computer...

The second line did you mean to type "reset" twice? I'm a bit squirmish about this-just being careful.

yes, because the first reset is part of the command and the second reset is part of the file name (reset.log).

Ok. Thanks and I did it, I'm proud. :) I'll have to wait and see. The voice on Skype is still cutting out and I only have two bars. I'll try the first suggestion as well. Thanks so much for your help JorgeM! Appreciate it.

Great job... i understand this stuff can be confusing and frustrating. Unfortunately, you've run into an issue that is challenging to resolve in most cases.

many times, for those of us who know how to manage Windows very well, we dont spend time on trying to resolve these types of issues after a few minutes, because a reinstall of Windows can be done in less than one hour and you are generally guaranteed a better running, fixed computer (assuming no hardware problems). I dont do much desktop support, but I helped a friend recently on a similar issue. troubleshot for about 15 min, then found out that this person did not have any data of value on the computer, re-imaged it and 40 min later, had a fresh working copy of Windows running.

If the commands didnt work for you, hopefully uninstalling/reinstalling the device in device manager may fix the problem. AFter that.. next step is to check to see if you can get an updated driver from the vendor's site.

I should check to see if the vendor has an update for the driver anyway. It won't hurt to update it. Though I did go into the device manager to see if there were any updates for the internet drivers (bluetooth, ethernet etc) and it said that they were all current. I don't know if this is the same as you are advising?

Yes, but i was only referring to the network adapter in question.

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Please kindly provide pc brand and model

Sometimes during the use of Wifi, we may face an error which is "WiFi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration". Mostly Windows 10 users face this error. There are more than one reasons behind this error. Like system is not getting an IP or due to outdated drivers or malware attach your internet connection might be blocked. So, there are more than one solutions to get rid of this problem.

1) Troubleshooting: 1st we should go with Troubleshooting option because most of the time this option help to fix the issue.

2) Do Clean Reboot: Write msconfig on Run box and enter > Select Services tab > Check Hide All Microsoft Services > Click Disable all > Restart Your computer.

3) You can fix this error to update the drivers.
4) Disable or Uninstall Antivirus to get rid of this error.

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