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Update.exe? What is that? I'm confused what you mean. I tried a google search for update.exe and nothing really relevant came up?


I have windows XP and was wondering if you can run that system without having the update.exe running.


Update.exe I believe it is only for WinXP Home/Pro being the Windows Update program that goes out to the internet. Did you mean you want to turn off the Windows Update from being Auto updated on start up? Let us know buddy.


There are several files with the same name that belong to 3rd party software. Without knowing which it is, it is hard to advise.
For example;
Update Service 'Update.exe' Loaded by Handybits programs such as EasyCrypto. Re-instates itself every time the program is run so best to leave it enabled. Prevent it dialling out via a firewall

OrbitUpdate 'update.exe' Xupiter OrbitExplorer toolbar, drive-by foistware

Automatic Windows Updater 'Update.exe' Added as a result of the GAOBOT.AO VIRUS!


Thanks for the replies everyone.

I am sure it is the auto updates for windows. I want to disable it from the startup menu but am not sure if it will make windows XPpro stop running properly. I know there are programs out there that disable if you do not let certain things run.

Hope this may clear things up some.

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