Hello! I need to uninstall WindowsME without uninstalling DOS. Basically, my problem is that I just bought a new computer. I have lost my copy of MS-DOS, so all I have is a restore disk from my old PC and the Windows98 CD. I used the restore CD to at least get my new PC running, but of course, there are problems. I expected that. So basically, I just want to uninstall WinME and install Win98. Can somebody tell me how to do this?

By the way, I'm A+ certified, so you can use technical terms, etc. It's just been several years since I got my certification and I'm not in IT anymore, so a little bit of knowledge seeps out every day!


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so why not use MS-prompt, isn't it prebuilt into win98? I wonder if you can just copy the MS-DOS onto CD/floppy(s) and then reinstall it. when installing 98 make sure you have correct file system...


Yeah, I thought Win 98 was supposed to run directly from CD without installing DOS, but it wasn't working last night. Of course, it was late last night and I was really tired. I'm going to give it a shot again tonight when I get home and see what happens.


no what I meant was to make a compleetly clean install. Delete the partition table on the harddrive. Reformat the disk using Win98 CD and then make a "Clean Install". This will end you up with a compleetly clean win98 disk with minimal config. You can do whatever from there on. Guaranteed to work with a valid, functional win98 CD.

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