Wasn't sure where to post this at, so I stuck it here.

Anyone know how to prevent AIM from taking focus when a new message pops up? It's quite annoying when you're typing in one window, then suddenly typing in a new window. Or having a full screen application minimized when a new message is received.

I don't think this can be done with just plain ol' AIM. It might be able to be done with a Windows registry hack. Otherwise, try one of those AIM add-ons such as DeadAIM or the others that have tabbed conversations ;) that work like Mozilla's tabbed browsing. New messages would all appear in one conversation window, so it might not take focus if it's minimized, for example (or at all).

Which version of AIM are you using?

I know you can hack a dll to rid the program of the banners, maybe there's something i can change in dll elsewhere?

Bah, I swear it used to be somewhere under the options. :) Just checked out that version, and I can't seem to find it. Sorry, I don't use the AOL IM client. I use other software to use the AIM service.

I also think this is VERY ANNOYING!!!!

I use aim 5.5.3598ca (Best version .. No games,no "viewpoint.exe",no crap,just aim!!!)

Anyone know if there is a way to make the toasters minimize to taskbar when they open?? (People IMing you,so they dont pop in your face like the OP stated. When you set your status as "away" they dont pop up,they are minimized i believe.)

This thread is like 2 years old!

I eventually just got fed up and wrote my own aim client.

Thats interesting as anything!!

I love aim!!!!

What is yours like??