Dear friends , this is my first post here and i come with a problem hoping you can solve it for me, the problem is : I have win 2000 prof installed on drive D:\ and after sometimes i wanted to install win XP so i did on drive C:\ but i faced a problem which is the menu which come in the begining when you turn the computer on and asks you to choose which OS you want to login to >> ok that menu has disappeared and it takes me to win XP itself ... So what should i do to get it back to normal....pls helppppp me..


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Okay, I'll aid you.

Well, so you lost your bootmenu? A required file for this is boot.ini, it should be on the C: drive.

did you find it?
No? Then you should use search from start menu.
Yes? Right-click on it and edit it.
Copy the text and post it here.

Then we could see what might be the problem.


You have a common dual boot problem, usually they have a timer to let you choose which one you want to use. You can either configure a setting in the boot.ini file, or
repair on your WIN2K.

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