Hi all,

i basically face a problem concerning a WinMe installation in my old laptop
(IBM Thinkpad 380z) which has a broken floppy. As u might have already undestood i cant install WinMe cause i cant boot from floppy:-| . Furthemore i cant find a bootable WinMe cd or make my non-bootable bootable. Anyone outhere willing to give me a piece of advice on how can i install WinMe!!??


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Now thats a solution mate!!!! ...:))))
...Im desperate ... i really wanna make it work


Only one I could think of at the time.:)
OK ,is you computer set in the bios to boot to the cd drive first or the floppy .


I set it to boot the cd first...the thing is that @ some point even when i managed to make the winMe cd bootable it asked me to restart after i put the bootdisk first.... Win Xp cd for example does not ask for a bootdisk when u boot from the cd directly......im looking for something like that ,unless there is another way....... i hope there is

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