Hey all,

I'm the unfortunate recipient of a new computer bought from MESH, and unfortunately now that I finally have it booted up and working, I have a green tint to my screen that doesn't seem to be wearing off!

I've literally had the system for three hours so I don't think it's an issue with magnetising the screen, and the colour looks fine when I run my laptop using the monitor, so it's a graphics card issue I think.

Monitor is 22" Iiyama ProLite E2208HDS-1 (1920x1080) Full HD Monitor
Graphics card is 1GB ATi HD4890 Graphics accelerator DVI, DirectX 10.1 PCI Express 2

Is there anything I can do to fix this my end or am I going to have to send this back to the monstrosity that is MESH?

Really appreciate any and all help offered, thank you!

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Take it back.

Oh no, really?

I don't understand graphics cards at all (clearly) -- could you help me by telling me what the problem is?

I don't want to speak to them blind, is all.

Thankyou for replying!

It could be any number of things but it's most likely to be a bad graphics card.

I would just tell them what you told us. The screen is green when you turn it on, its not your job too diagnose what the problem is. They delivered it to you faulty either get a replacement or get your money back.

I have a mesh PC and I had a faulty DVD drive, they came out and fixed maybe they will come out and have a look at yours. - ring 'em and tell them you want it fixing or replaced.

You should not be out of pocket for the repair either.

Absolutely, they have supplied you with faulty equipment, it's their job to sort it out for you at absolutely no cost.

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