I had the Yahoo Real Player until Yahoo discontinued it. The player continued to work, but was not updated.

The problem is that the computer it was installed on died. The replacement computer has XP on it, but not Real Player.

I tried to get a new version of Real Player, ontly to have it blocked by my antivirus software as spyware. I googled this, and found that the current Real Player does use spyware. The software will not install with the spyware removed.

I tyried Real Alternative. It says the install files are corrupted.

I need this (or a way to convert the files) because I was a member of Garageband before it ended. We exchanged Real Player music and video files of each other's works as rewards of doing reviews. I have hundreds of these files.

I now have no way to play these files.

How can I play Real Player files without Real Player?

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VLC is also blocked as spyware.

Why does every media player download have spyware?

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It works. Problem solved.

I used to have this player on one of my work computers, but I just had the icon, no name.

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