Well way back at the start of the year I started getting lots of nasties on my PC, oh wait a minute is that conduit I didn't know what it meant until I looked it up on the Internet and it said it was a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) I was running Avast at that time because my PC advisor put it on there. although after two days on the Internet i started up the browser and wait what's this shit it was trovi's web browser and it made me pissed off so I re-installed windows 7 and was working as new as ever. Well unfortunately while at my pops on his desktop I got the Qone8 virus I worked around this for two months and finally I found a program called junkware removal tool after that I told pop that shits gone dont need to worry about it anymore. then my dads computer got it and I wiped the virus with the same tool. While on my dads PC however I started getting attacked with advance shield and search protect and this someother bullshit attacked all at the same time. 1 day later it was wiped by me and everything was running perfectly.
OK so I was on my sisters laptop and she said it was buggy so I did scans and the whole system was infected even the system files so we had to say goodbye to it.
Many pc's get infected each day. keep your system clean healthy and protected and make sure you have a AV installed.
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Hi , some thoughts, i suggest run a restore point before installing any application , set up a restricted user account and work within that environment , periodically run security scans from safe mode as some parasites are detected if not initialized, once your computer is stable regarding installed apps and usage try configuring DEP for higher security , have a stand-by cloud based scanner ready to launch into action in the event of a critical infection that can not be removed via currently installed real-time security
Hope this helps


Wait, did you throw away the entire laptop?

You could have just done a fresh install of windows, it's pretty quick to do.
Viruses are a whole are usually fairly easy to deal with this way.


yeah i could have done it then if i got the ISO and usb back then and plus I sold it on ebay so someone probably fixed it already

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