I'm hoping someone can help. I think the other day I deleted something, maybe Roxio? that said it was rarely used. Apparently it must have taken out a driver because my computer crashed and I have tried and tried to get it up and running. It seems that sometimes I can get it to the windows, but as soon as I move my logitech wireless mouse, it crashes. Othertimes it says detecting array. I've tried to reboot F12 and F2 and start from CD reboot, hard drive reboot, restore to prior time, etc. Nothing works. Also, I got into something today that tested everything and passed on all tests. Yet it crashed again. Help!

Hi , I suggest based upon your note of wifi mouse issue is to remove all usb wifi devices then try to boot via " last known good Windows" option in start menu (F8)
If boots to Windows uninstall usb wifi devices from device manager , attempt to restart via normal boot . If successful restart again to create a revised last known good Windows , then reinstall the usb wifi device(s)
ps check for a chipset/installation file update and if published install before reinstalling the usb devices - a precaution that may assist resolution of this issue

Boot from the XP CD and start the process till you get to a screen that says that it has detected an old copy of Windows and asks if you want to repair, Replace or write over. Use the repair option.