If you are well known of this that Windows is now facing another Build 10022 of Windows 10 and that Windows 7 still has a market share of %55 while Windows XP is still dropping.

I think XP is still a great Operating System compared to the others and I have noticed its got more administrative tool/permissions than 7/8 or 10 so worth still having a not so old machine if you want to use the OS.

They even said XP can catch a lot of viruses. You think wrong Microsoft. We did an analysis on bleeping computer and we found that it had a lot more bugs and viruses then any other Operating System. Simply Put

Have you tried Linux? I agree that XP is probably the best Windows OS released, but now out-of-date. Windows 7 is pretty good - kind of an updated XP in my opinion. Windows 8.x? Gah! Windows 10 is still not mainstream and widely available (beta still). I have had to deal with customer Windows 8.x servers, and didn't have much fun with them. Still Windows. Still buggy... They were Windows 2012 servers since they aren't labeling their servers 8.x.

Windows 7 is not bad overall I did find some registry hacks to remove those annoying things

XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, meaning that you don't get any patches for security vulnerabilities and stuff. That said, XP was probably the best of the Windows versions, and it's still a perfectly good OS to use, as long as that computer has no contact with the internet. That's basically what I have done with a couple of computers that run some critical legacy software on XP, I just impose very strict port-blocking and internet-blocking for them (i.e., no communication with the outside world and strictly limited communication within the local network).

Win 7 is probably the next best thing after XP. There have only really been 3 versions of Windows that were decent: 2000, XP, and 7.

But of course, none of them compare with Linux. Nothing matches Linux in terms of performance, stability, versatility, and "expressive power".