Hi guys, Vin here. I just like to ask if it is possible to dual boot two different operating system with different architecture(64 bit/32 bit)?

My current os is windows 7 hp 64bit and I would like to dual boot it with windows xp 32 bit....

Here's my computer specs:

Compaq CQ60-615DX
Intel Celeron 900 @ 2.2GHZ
Intel 4 series mobile chipset
Intel GMA 4500M (64MB Dedicated memory/Total memory is 797MB)
250GB HDD @ 7200RPM
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

I hope you can give me solutions....
Thank you!


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QUICK ANSWER IS YES , best to search google for best way to do it

I have a Triple boot, so if XP on it first, install Win7 and it will do a menu for you on bootup.

Make sure you got a partition or a 2nd drive.

I shrink my hard drive and created a partition for windows xp and when I tried to install windows xp after loading its basic drivers, I experienced BSOD and a I need to reboot my system. What should be the problem? Is it on my system or is it my drivers that are currently installed on my system?

Is you hardware compatible with XP? Sometimes you need XP drivers while installing.

Since you have Win7 already and trying to install XP , you will need a bootmanager, but let me know when you install XP first.

my computer have a pre-installed os which is windows 7.... i want to dual boot it with xp.... Is it a good idea to use easyBCD?

Hi to all.

I have installed Win 7 (64 bit) and Win XP (32 bit) on two different drives but when my computer boots up it is not showing any options to select the operating systems.

I have checked by going to My Computer->Properties->Advanced->Startup and Recovery->Settings but there is only one operating system shown in the drop down list i.e., XP.

I know Win 7 installation is fine because I was working on it earlier.

My Computer's Specifications are...
Dual core 2.5
250GB Hard Disk Space.

Please help its very urgent.

Thanks to all in advance.

Thanks for no replies guys...I have found the solution to my problem myself through a software.:)


Pls check it

Run command-->type msconfig --> select Boot Tab there you can able to see what are the OS installed in ur system and also check time out by default it should be 30 sec

Hi 1st install win xp then after win 7. U will easily do.
If yr processor is 64 bit. bcoz xp is 32 bit & 7 is both 32/64 bit.

km today im in problm that how to run multipl process at one consloe pls help

km today im in problm that how to run multipl process at one consloe pls help

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