I recently installed windows 7 on an windows XP Intel Centrino. Ever since then I can't play my games like grand chase due to the fact that I now have a standard VGA graphic driver. Also when I go to DXDIAG I found that my computer is a Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor.
Can I please get help on the graphics thing?

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What are the minimum requirements on the 'Grand Chase' game? Does the new PC meet these.

So you have a VGA vid card, but what kind is it? Do you have the model? If you are jut short a driver, the manufacturer site should provide the download for you.


If I've got the correct game, http://grandchase.gamerage.com, the minimum specs concerning RAM and Graphics are as follows for an XP machine:

RAM: 512MB
Graphics: GeForce 6000 series (which should be around 256MB memory)

Unless you give us your exact specs, we'll not be able to help you further. Moreover, just for info, Windows 7 is recommended to use min. 1GB RAM

I would suggest you download Speccy from Piriform.com, install and run it on your machine, and give us the details


I found that my computer is a Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor.
Can I please get help on the graphics thing?

Centrino is a word Intel used to describe a combination of things in the laptop not just the cpu

as for you problem ,you need to obtain win7 drivers for you video adapter ,what is the exact make and model # of the laptop.
try going to device manager and updating the video driver ,tell it to search the internet for them


lordrt, I do/did meet the requirements before i upgraded, but thank you anyway.
caperjack, thank you so much; this is what I was looking for and I found it was a lot better just downloading XP mode for win7. The common problem with win7, is if it is a drive that is below windows 7 requirement or not even located on their list they will automatically classify your drivers as standard.

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