Large amount of HD space (70%, 136gb) and increasing, is being used by System Volume Information on Windows 7 Pro. I ran Windows Cleanup System Files several times. Most it reduces is 2 to 4 gbs. Considering the size of usage, the cleanup amount has virtually no impact. I got no help from Microsoft. I don't want to fool around with manual deletion or cleaning. Since Daniweb is the the most extensive, from a professional aspect, on the web, I'm hoping someone here can help.

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Have you checked the volume shadow copy settings?

-Click Start
-Select Control Panel (view by: small icons)
-Click System
-Click System Protection (left menu)
-Click System Protection tab
-Click Configure button
-Under "Disk Space Usage", look at Current Usage

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I did that this A.M. it showed Current Usage as 11.27mb which is far from the 136.5gb shown by Wiztree & and "c" drive analysis. It also was set at 50% Max which I reduced to 21% (320mb). I should note on "System Protection" it shows "Protection On" for "Windows7 (C:)(System), but Under "Configuration"-"Restore Settings" the "Turn Off System Protection" Button is activated. Activating 1 of the other 2 Restore Setting buttons instead seems to indicate that that this would limit the size of the System VSC. But I'm not sure that's correct.

The system volume information folder is really for your restore points, so cleanups won't impact on the size, you can either reduce the disk space usage as cgeier said, or disable and the enable it again to remove all, what I normally advise is to have a regular backup, then making sure the PC is working well BEFORE you do this, and as soon as you disable/enable, make a restore point straight away, you never know whats round the corner with Microsoft software.

I have learned the hard way that Restore Points are not 100% reliable. I disable the feature and rely on periodic disk images for when things go south.

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