I am debating whether to upgrade to Windows X64 or to stay with XP Pro. I am running a AMD Turion, and would like use it to its full potential. Would I see a performance increase if I upgraded to X64. Any opinions would be appreciated.


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i think it's better to stay with winXP, i have installed winX64 when it was only beta, nd i didn't like it at all, some 32bit progs didn't work under this os, and i could find some x64 drivers, but may be the situation have changed since....

x64 is okay, if you dont mind the lack of drivers for some devices like my HP Deskjet 3325 printer. Interms of performance, I'd say an 8% boost in the feel of the OS, a better implementation of the TCP/IP stack. The look is the same as WinXP. Also, older 16 bit apps will just not run on x64. However, 32 bit apps worked just fine for me.

x64 does run faster on my new system than the 32bit version. I'm not running the beta, either. But, I have run into the same issues of lack of drivers.

All in all, you'll be able to run the 32 bit stuff you want to, but it won't be any faster than it would have been in Windows 32-bit.

Windows XP X64 rund definately faster! And especially on AMD 32bit prgs aren't slower. The driver support improves steadly and thanks to Application compatibility patches Microsofot released for XP X64, all my prgs work except of course the OS close prgs like firewall or virus scanner, but for virus protection I use Avast Free and for firewall I use the NVidia Network Access Manager which enables the nforce enabled hardware firewall.

if you are wanting to run 64bit progs, obviously yea, butt they dont make to mutch right now, and you are practically not going to care to mutch for it right now, but yea if you had x64 edition and you had to chouse between a 32 or 64 bit prog, the you would definetly notice the difference in the 64 over the 32bit version.

anyone know where to buy it? I checked M$ site but they only linked to hardware manufacturers, such as Dell, HP, and IBM. All I want is the os, I already have the hardware.

Im about to install 64-bit version!!!

Ill post about after i check it out.

hey ive got win 64-bit installed right now.

It is pretty similar tio windows 2003 server edition.

the only downside to it is that u cant emulate all 32 progs, as u could with 32-bit operating systems.

currently there are no image backup progs that will run on it.
especially norton ghost.

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