My computer`s harddrive crashed. Now I want to install XP (it was installed on the old harddrive) but it wont. It`s working until the setup reboots to go into the GUI phase and then the XP sign comes up. Then the normal light blue screen comes up and there it stays. It won`t move any further.
I`ve also installed Windows 2000 Pro and tried to upgrade but it says Windows XP Professional canNt be upgrate from Windows 2000 Professional.

There`s nothing wrong with the specs of the computer.


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Are you using the same hard disk as when your pc crashed?:?:

If so i would test it. If its failing you will have problems installing windows. Download seatools its a great test utility and will tell you if your hard disk is failing. It will work with most hard disks.;)


It is a brand new disk. The old one is totaly broken and removed from the PC.

I wish I could help but I have never had this problem before. I wonder if the xp disk coiuld be damaged in some way. Sounds like your HD is okay cause you installed 2000. I would suspect the XP disk. Try making a copy of it using clonecd.

The disk was working before. If tried another XP disk but it gives the same problem.

I had this same problem.

I understand that we all don't have 2 pc's and or access to another, but here is what I had to do in order to get XP on my brand new HD.

In my case I went to the site of the manufacturer of my HD (Western Digital, which I DO NOT RECOMMEND) and downloaded their "Data Lifeguard Tools". This program allows one to reset their HD to all zeros and a few other de-bugging features. Very easy to follow instructions. This is where a second computer is needed of course.

Use a second pc to download the manufacturer "Fix It" program install the new HD as a SLAVE and follow the intructions of the "Fix It" program.

I set the HD to all zero's in my old pc with the Western Digitial tool, placed the new HD back into the new pc and then installed XP. So far so good.

Hope this helps a bit.

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