I performed the search, quarantine and deletion of certain spyware files on both my computers, but afterwards I experienced some slow-down on my Cable connection, so I restarted. But when I restarted, my comp could no longer go on the net. We're on a network, so I told my bro to turn off his comp too just in case there was some kind of weird deal, but when we did that, my other computer couldn't go online either. Even my 56K was useless!!:'(

I called my Cox support technician, and he said my modem was fine and dandy, and that something was up with my computers, and that " C:\WINDOWS\INF " wasn't working or responding,and he said that was a bad sign:(

He told me to go and do a system restore with my system restoration disc, but even that didn't fix my problem(i did the restore from windows, but not from the CD itself.)

Is there anything I can do short of sending my computer to a repair shop to literaly replace my harddrive and reinstall Windows XP? Or maybe gain some of those lost files i probably lost in the Ad-Aware deletion from somewhere that I can get online?(I'll use someone else's comp for that.)

My dad just got Broadband, so he'll be real mad about this
:( Any help would be REAL REAL appreciated!

thanx a LOT in advance!!:cry:

And feel free to e-mail me about any special things i might need to have.

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also, it said my ISP couldn't be renewed, most likely due to the Spyware scan and deletion.

*would really like any help at all and is really desperate*


also, it said my ISP couldn't be renewed, most likely due to the Spyware scan and deletion.

One of your likely bits of malware replaced part of your Winsock chain with its own stuff. When you removed it, you "broke the chain". Here is the link to LSPFix, which should help.

musemaker then responded with: It worked! And here's the process order:

* Run LSPfix.
* Delete all Dial-up adapters and network protcols.
* Delete all Winsock and Winsock2 registry keys.
* Under Add/Remove programs uncheck all of the listings under Communications.
* Reboot and then add back ALL the Communications items (although netmeeting and chat weren't necessary). It didn't work for me the first time as I have no need for a dial-up adapter, but it is the only way to get Windows to add back winsock2.
* Reinstall network protocol settings.

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