Hello, guys. When I ran my PC running Windows 10, there was an error saying Windows 10’s ‘Start Menu and Cortana aren’t working’. Besides, before that, All of my files from D dish got lost. It was running windows 7 x64 and I did the free upgrade to 10.
Any ideas? I freaked out by Windows 10.

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Upgrading from Win7 to Win10 right now? HUGE mistake! Mostly, it doesn't work... :-( Try running the recovery option and revert back to Win7 first.

FWIW, the Win7->Win10 upgrade messed up my brother-in-law's computer and that is what he had to do. He got all of his data back then.


I've upgraded 4 computers to Windows 10, 2 each from Win7 and Win8.1, no problems with any of them.

The files on that disk aren't lost, they're still there. But if they are programs any registry entries they need to run may be lost, especially if you upgraded to a different language version of Windows 10 from the original Windows version you had installed. The installer will have warned you about that...
Cortana is only available in a very few places, this may change in the future.


There are now so many priors on this error (the one about the Start) that I worry when you read a new post about it.
http://www.tenforums.com/general-discussion/8823-critical-error-start-menu-cortana-arent-working-wll-try-fi.html found it could be the AV.
For me, now with dozens of W10 upgrades done without a single hitch I think MSFT has done well EXCEPT expecting folk to practice safe computing.

All my W10 upgrades were done run of the mill methods. I know that old AVs and such can be trouble so I uninstall those before the upgrade begins. Your new PC users may have much feat about running a PC without an antivirus or firewall. Not much you can do for those that fear.

As to the other drive. I wonder if the usual happened. I find that apps on other drives may lose their entries in the start menu. To me that's no big deal. And yes it's a big deal to new computer users.

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