Problem: Windows wont finish booting up after Windows Load screen after I restarted for network controller driver update.

I went to boot up in safe mode so I could just do a system restore but when It boots up in safe mode my mouse and keyboard is not responding so I cant do anything to fix my previous boot up issue.

Any ideas on on why the mouse and keyboard are not working in safe mode? Or better yet why it wont let me boot up normally?

System spec's:
Windows XP SP3
AMD 5600+ 2.8 dualcore
8800gts video card
2gb RAM
230gb hdd

Need any other information just let me know.

Anything that fixes the issue other then reformatting will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Try rebooting from windows XP disk and start a fresh install, when prompted to repair the highlighted version of windows press "R" and repair. It will seem like a fresh install but all your files and settings will stay the same. If prompted to register windows, just click not at this time as it is still registered.

might be the drivers for mouse and keyboard are not gettin loaded in safe mode... Check it...

I cant exactly check my drivers if I cant bootup fully at all.. Ill try the repair bob, thanks for the fast reply!

Ill post results of repair when I get home.

Are the mouse and Keyboard USB ?
You may have to connect a PS/2 Keyboard
(and possibly mouse) to gain access in Safe Mode