i have 3 drives C E @ F. in drive C there was the low disk space.To prevent it i mistakenly deleted the drive E with all data and expand it to C. after this i came to know that i have deleted all my important data with drive. how can i recover now in window 10.

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Unfortunately, now thay you have expanded C into the deleted partition you are likely out of luck. For the future I suggest you do regular backups of your files, especilly the important ones, to external media. Personally, I keep two external hard drives. I back up all changed files to drive-A once a week. I do the same from drive-A to drive-B once a month. It doesn't take a lot of time and it has saved my bacon several times.


If you have lost C drive of own system that means you have lost an important part of Windows OS. Now if you want to recover c drive and deleted Windows data then Kernel for Windows Data Recovery is best option for you. Using this tool you can recover deleted Windows partitions and Windows data items such as file, folder, image, audio, video and much more.

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