Is there any possible way to activate window without internet or phone? there's this computer that cannot connect to the internet we're just using it to watch movie and listen to music, a friend just re-install it last month maybe after re-install a message keeps pop up to activate window but we just ignoring it until we can't log in, must activate window before login
the toll free number is not available in our country, so i am just asking if there any way that i can activate window without internet or phone
and i dont know much about computer but i will try to fix it if you tell me what to do step by step so I can also learn something :icon_cheesygrin: please!!:(

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AFAIK you need at least an internet connection to activate your windows. There's no other way I'm afraid...

Or you could reformat again and disable the popup since you never use it for internet purpose...


What flagstar said is true. If you have no internet, yuo can purchase a modem and router and you can connect to the internet then you can set up your windows laptop/PC.
If you have a modema and router but cannot connect to the internet for some purpose. You can go to the networking forum and post, i will then go there and help you. Good luck. Here the networking forum

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