I have 2 80 gig drives. Install and can be seen in the system props. When i try to look for it in my computer it dose'nt see them. It only sees my mian one the C: drive. I dont understand. before i formated i could see both drives. everything worked fine. until i reinstall windows and now i cant get it to show up. i think i might need to format the drive, but in ms dos. but as i remember it couldnt find it in dos either. any suggestions? thanks.

how did you connect them both and how did you format themm???

im not sure what you mean. one is a slave the other is the master. they worked beofore just fine. why would i need to format the other one? i formated the C: drive using windows start up disk. it had two options for me to format them, but i didnt think i had to. is their some kinda chnages i have to make in device manager or something?

what os are you using??
do you have the cable right?
you could try unplugging your main drive and boot from a floppy,
then format that drive. then hook up the main drive and boot and see if it see's the second drive.

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