I have 2 80 gig drives. Install and can be seen in the system props. When i try to look for it in my computer it dose'nt see them. It only sees my mian one the C: drive. I dont understand. before i formated i could see both drives. everything worked fine. until i reinstall windows and now i cant get it to show up. i think i might need to format the drive, but in ms dos. but as i remember it couldnt find it in dos either. any suggestions? thanks.

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im not sure what you mean. one is a slave the other is the master. they worked beofore just fine. why would i need to format the other one? i formated the C: drive using windows start up disk. it had two options for me to format them, but i didnt think i had to. is their some kinda chnages i have to make in device manager or something?


what os are you using??
do you have the cable right?
you could try unplugging your main drive and boot from a floppy,
then format that drive. then hook up the main drive and boot and see if it see's the second drive.

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