Problem : Each time I power down and restart my PC the number lock on keyboard is turned off and the on light is switched off on the keyboard . Does not happen at simple restart . Numberlock is set to on in BIOS . I have posted this on the windows 10 forum and got lots of useless registry fixes which do not work .( It is a known problem on their forum)
I have the latest version of Win 10 pro 64 bit on a new HP desktop with everyting up to date (drivers and Win updates ) .
I believe this is a problem within windows 10 as it began on my old pc Dell with the advent of Win10 and never had anything like on Win8.1 and 7 . Anyone know what this problem is and is there a fix ?

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I experienced the same problem, which started with Windows 8 for me. I don't know of a fix, sorry, other than being used to the problem.

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I believe I have the solution . Set initial keyboard indicators in hkey_current_user to 2 making sure all instances are changed using find next , and turn off fast startup in control panel power options .

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