Hi I am new to this forum & I would like to ask few questions. Does anybody have commands for Disk Part which can allow to create partition, Select partition, Format partition & lot of features which a normal user cannot do within Windows UI enviroment.

I'm not sure I follow, what do you mean by commands? If you want to do anything with partitions, you go into the Disk Management console.

There are things you can do with diskpart that you can't do from the GUI. You will need to run diskpart with administrator access. The first thing to remember is that because there is a lot less visual feedback than with diskmgmt.msc you must be very careful to make sure you have the right disk selected. There is a lot of information available if you just use the help command. You can start by typing just help then asking for help with specific commands like help create then help create partition. I could walk you through it but I'd just be repeating what help already tells you. You can get further info here and here. You can get additional examples by googling diskpart.