Hello Everybody!

My question would be in connection with the Windows 7 group policies in windows 2003 domain. I read a lot about how it should be set up however some parts are hard to understand for me.

Recently I did the following:
Set up a new pc with Win7 and installed the Group Policy Management on it. I can reach the local domain controller and I can see the "old" setups which has been set up for Win Xp computer. However I read that some admx files should be copied to the server store and that will be replicated between the network's Win 7 pcs.

Some guides write "Populate the central store with ADMX files" which sounds ok but where I get my admx files? Are these files are in the "Windows\Policies definitions" folder? Where should I copy the files from my Win7 pc and where do I have to copy them? How will I be able to modify these settings after I copied the admx files to the server?

I would really appreciate some help.
Thank you for your patience and understanding!


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Thank you very much! And sorry for opening a new topic.

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