My laptop comes on and gives me a "black" sceen with a pointer. Mouse moves pionter ,but only ctl alt dele will bring up a menu. Everything is normal in SAFE mode

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I see that tag "problem" no OS, make, model, or story where you guess how this happened. This could be Windows 1 to that new mystery 10+ version of Blue.

Try MSCONFIG and uncheck everything for a test startup. (Windows only, does not apply to other OSes.)

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Sometimes, your PC’s external devices can be the cause of problems. Try unplugging all your devices, and then plugging them in one at a time.


Try to power on the laptop and pressing the F8 key to see the boot menu, then select the Last Known Good Configuration option to boot the laptop.
This will load the last working hardware profile including the correct driver.
Well, I just seen you already tried the safe mode, so the last good hardware profile has been erased.

Now, try boot using safe mode with network support.
Install the latest mobo chipset driver and the video card driver. Reboot for the new chipset driver to take effect.

If still not seeing the desktop or logon screen, we may need to check the system for virus.
Hope this helps.
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