This is a problem I'm having with my good computer and its been going on for awhile.

When I connect to internet, soon after a rectangular window comes up...in the top upper left it says microsoft internet explorer and the message itself says
'we're sorry. The content you are trying to reach is currently unavailable. Please try again later.'

I have tried going intio internet options to see if the problem is there, I have installed IE 7 ( and uninstalled when I saw it didn't work, I still got message)...I've even reinstalled windows (because of a different problem) and guess what? I still get that annoying window!

it just bugs me and I don't know how to fix it.

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aol browser. when aol starts up, a few minutes later that window comes up. Maybe I shouldn't have said its an ie6 problem...I just figured it was because of the window saying microsoft internet explorer.

and the window pops up randomly throughout the day. its highly annoying.

edit: and let me just add that, everything with my browser works fine...I can go to any page etc etc....it just this window pops up saying what I'm trying to reach is not available.
I dont have a clue what it is I'm trying to reach...If I knew I would quit doing it.


I do not know exactly what the aol browser is - is it not a personalized IE browser?

You always obtain that message if you address a web page that is nonexistent or is not available on the internet for the moment. Check the spelling of the address that you use when the message comes up


well aol browser is aol itself, know what I mean? when you connect to internet and you use aol...the homepage, everything is called aol browser.
If you start up IE then you're using IE browser.

I don't put any address in at all. I'm just sitting here looking at my homepage reading headlines and that window comes up.

You got me thinking though thats its not IE6 like I assumed. Its an aol problem obviously.


clear all the temporay files and downloaded program files and all click on the programs tab-clcik on manage add-ons-disable all the add-ons.This resolves most of the issues.
2. go to safe mode and see if IE opens without any problem:
IF it opens-start-run-msconfig-click on startup tab-click on disable all-click on the services tab-piut a check mark on hide all microsoft services-click on disable all.click on apply,ok restart the computer and IE should be working fine.
3.still not working start-run-cmd-sfc /scannow
4.you can also re-install ie 6 this way :
start-run-INF and click on ok.
locate a file which is just named IE right click it and click on install and follow instruction on the screen.

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