I got a server 2012 R2. Is it possible to restore my system from last week settings??I don't have a back up. Theres a problem with the program that i'm doing so i want to restore it like in windows 7?

The thing is, that question has been kicked around a lot. Example. https://www.google.com/search?q=System+Restore+in+Server+2012 so I want to ask, did you do any research on this?

And now that you know, will you be making plans to be able to go back? Why I ask is I see a large percentage of folk get burned over and over. They won't backup, and will lash out or call it a virus or a bug.

Yeah i already did, what i want is to restore the my folder but i don't have a back up.
I tried the previous version, but it doesn't have.
The only option is to solve the solve the program.

What is "solve the program"? If you didn't backup, that's a problem only you can solve. That said I do run into folk that don't backup in spite of losing it all every few months. They think computers work like this!