Been having problems when taking HDD's from dead win 10 systems and transferring data via USB adaptor to new Win 10 system. Folders (with files) copy across to their relevant locations, but when trying to look at the files, only the folders show with no files present in them. Pretty sure it's a permissions issue but havn't found a rock solid way of making it work. Help would be greatly appreciated!

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Thanks, the old one' are the good one's! I used to always do it that way and just didn't think of it. I've downloaded and burned a Linux Mint Cinnamon iso and will try and report back if it works.

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What rproffitt said. You can boot your win10 system with a Linux live disc (as long as it is uefi compatible - Ubuntu or Mint work well) and use that to mount the failing Windows discs and copy the data to the target Windows disc.

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