HI all,

I have HP-Pavillion DV5-1104TX laptop which i ordered from HP few weeks back.It was working fine untill 2 weeks and now it is very slow to start up.Actually it takes nearly 5 minutes to get in to full speed after it is booted to vista. (I have windows Vista Home Premium-32bit).

It stucks for several minutes after loading windows and i can't do nothing.however after 5 minutes it works super fine.I even didn't installed any additional softwares except visual studio 2008 so i wonder what would be the problem.

I hope since you have the model number, no need to list the configurations. What do you all think.what seems to be the problem..? I have recovery disks and used them to restore the system to company state.But then also after some time, problem arises.

Any help...?

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Run malwarebyte's antimalware to see if you have any infections. Then check and make sure you have all the latest drivers and enhancements from HP. If that doesn't resolve the issue, run a memory and hard drive diagnostic.

I have recovery disks and used them to restore the system to company state.
But then also after some time, problem arises.

Rather looks like a hardware problem ...
> Consider running a diagnostic memory test/hard drive test ...

It's possibly a hardware problem, or you have A LOT of programs running upon start up....

Go Start > Run > Type 'msconfig' and hit enter > then disable programs that are not needed under the start up tab.

Then reboot and see how you go...

If that doesn't fix it..... i would have a lot on the HP site for problems and contact HP.

Otherwise i would contact HP and get them to have a look....


nah its just normal with vista

Vista isnt designed to be shut down. It uses a new memory model where upon boot it caches all your most likely to be used stuff into memory (this is why it has a reputation as a memory hog). This is actually good as it means if you try and load something, and its cached already, it will load much faster. Downside is a large wait at boot.

Its called superfetch. Google for more info.

Sounds like Vista superfetch to me. Or maybe it's some malware - you can run a scan with malwarebytes and/or adaware.
Also you can try to speed up Vista startup and shutdown using the tips here and here. Another good site with tips is www.askvg.com

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