Hello, I am running MS Windows 10 and usually use Chrome as my browser on my HP Envy Laptop. Currently there is an icon that is planted in the upper right of my screen that is always on top. It appears as an alien looking green cyclops wearing a tuxedo. He is holding up one arm in the air as if to say..."Hey there!" Anyhow, it's driving me nuts because I cannot click on it, I have not installed any new software, and I cannot move or remove it. My laptop is otherwise running fine. I took a screen shot of it and was able to crop it into a photo. I uploaded the photo to a website that I have created for your review. Please let me know how I can get rid of this icon if you know of a way. Thank you!
You can view this icon by CLICKING HERE. ( https://hundredhands.org/alienicon.png )

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While the picture is interesting I didn't find a match. Try the other way of finding Waldo. Use tools like HIJACKTHIS and read each line. KNOW what each line does in your PC.


I took a screen shot of it and was able to crop it into a photo

Might have been better uncropped. I applaud you for putting in the effort of only posting what you thought the relevant info was as opposed to many people who just dump everything. Thanks for that. In this particular case, however, the whole screenshot might be relevant. Now you say you can't click on it or move it. Can you minimize it? Is it a window? Can you move a window in front of it or behind it? Does your mouse disappear when you try to roll over it? Is it part of Chrome (ie a toolbar or a bookmark)? If/when you exit Chrome or some other program, does it go away? Does it appear when you START some other program? If/when you log in as a different user, is it still there? Is it always there? If not, how long after startup does it appear and does it ever go away? Under what circumstances? Etcetera, etcetera. A quick look at the Task Manager (Ctrl Alt Delete) might list something that shouldn't be running under "Apps" or somewhere else.

As far as not installing any new software lately, you might want to go into Apps And Features in your Control Panel and sort by the Install Date to make sure. Sometimes stuff happens behind the scenes, legitimately or otherwise.


Is it part of your desktop wallpaper? Does it appear when you boot into safe mode? What if you log on as Administrator? On most Windows systems the Administrator account is not active. In that case, open a command shell as Administrator and type

net user administrator /active:yes

The next time you log off and go to the logon screen you will Administrator as one of the options. Then logon as Administrator and see if you still see the image. Make sure you set a password on that account. It's handy to have around in case your usual account gets fubarred.

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