Hello, i have experienced a problem after installing win7. everything works well but my computer doesn´t make any sounds. I have got these audio adapters (and i´d like to assure you i don´t know what it really means)
1) Audio Adapter Analog Devices AD1986A @ Intel 82801GB ICH7 - High Definition Audio Controller [A-1]
2) Audio Adapter ATI Radeon HDMI @ ATI Redwood/Madison - High Definition Audio Controller

even two day ago the computer worked good with all the sounds but its silent now.. i think it´s a matter of driver or something liek this but i ask you for help

Thanks, Jakub

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If it was working a few days ago you may want to try just a simple system restore.

You can do this by completing the following Steps:

1. Click Start "windows logo"

2. Click Accessories folder

3. Click System Tools Folder

4. Click System Restore

Follow the steps provided within the program. Choose a date a few days before the problem occurred.

If this works please take note that something you installed may have affected this. Try not to reinstall the same program again.

IF this does not work, please respond back with the following information:

1. Laptop or Desktop

2. Make and Model #

3. Internal or External Speakers

4. Is everything silent or just system noises

5. Go to your Control panel and go to sound "you may have to change the view by"
Once in sound make sure the speakers you want to use show up and are selected

Addint to lightning hawk advice, it may be cause by a malware or drive problem
1) Go to device manager and check whether your driver is outdated or not properly installed.

A silly solution but worth checking...
Did the speaker icon was Mute?

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