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I am currently have W2K clusters in our customer sites but need to monitor these clusters so that alerts are gathered and sent to the appropriate people.
Basically if we have an IBM cluster I want the alerts sent to IBM Director then forwarded to the Ops Team. So you will need to find out how alerts that come out of MS clustering can be forwarded to the relevant vendor consoles. Conversely we are testing MOM and want to know ow clustering integrates with MOM.

Please provide your valuable inputs on this part

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I know of a way to audit all of your customer sites with one W2K machine using simple batch scripts...but you want alerts gathered? What type of alerts?

What I use is v-mailer (batch mailer) in conjunction with already present batch audit scripts. This mails alerts to my inbox if it finds a W2K machine that violates policy. I then alert the user that they are in violation of policy and give them a set time to remove the program. If it isn't done in set time (usually 1 day) then I forward their name up the line and remove it for them. Is this what you're looking for?


Thanks for your reply. Could you please let me know where i can find the batch scripts and the way to configure the mail settings.

Basically i am looking for the integration of MOM with W2K Software clustering (Not the Cluster Servers). I want to know Do i have to install any Module pack to monitor my Software Clustered W2K servers and i wanna send alerts forwarded to IDM director or Compaq Insight Manager.

The alerts are same what you are talking about.

let me know if you have some doc or any info on MOM. (specific to my concern


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