So I was roaming around my computer, trying to merge my D and C drive since C drive is the main drive and D drive isn't, the D drive had 8 times as much space as the C drive so I wanted to merge them

I went into disk settings and wiped the disk without knowing what it did
Now I can't recover it because it doesn't show up in explorer or disk manager

Please help

Are you asking how to make the drive visible again as D? Or are you asking how to recover the files from the deleted drive? If you just deleted the disk then the files are still there. Try EaseUS if that is the case.

In any case, why would you want to make your system one big drive? In my experience, you are much better off with C (OS & apps) and D (data). It is much easier to maintain. You can image the C drive and restore it in case of emergency without affecting your user files on D.

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Yes This Is Possible Check On Internet About Data Recovery Software Like 7 Data Recovery EaseUs etc.

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