Hi folks. I use Win 7 on my desktop. I have a 1TB HDD that I partitioned so I could boot from C: drive and then store data on the larger "partition" D: drive, a common practice. Well I bought a SSD to install as a boot drive and loaded a fresh copy of Windows. Now I intended to delete the old C: drive from the HDD and use the entire HDD as my storage.
Ok, so I tried to re-alocate the space, but I did something back-asswards and deleted my storage. Now as soon as I seen I screwed up I stopped imediately as to not truly corrupt the data, thus be able to recover it. ---My question is what to use for this.---
I tried a program called TESTDISC 7.0 which seems to just copy every individual file to a another location and is nearly useless to me as it leaves me with thousands of unnamed files which are not in any particular order. One file of video, audio or document may be nowhere near it's companions and all are just labeled with numbers. Useless! Isn't there a program that will simply correct the problems on the drive itself and render it readable again? My drive now just produces an error note "drive D: is inaccesible".

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I had the same problem. Can you help me. Thanks

Ok, looking now.

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