I have a cable modem w/a Linksys wireless router and I'm not sure what the problem is. I have no problem connecting wirelessly through my laptop, but my PC won't connect at all. It started giving my problems connecting whenever it felt like and even when I was able to get online, it would suddenly stop working. Antivirus won't update, but the scans have come back clean. I've done the whole shutdown/restart, diconnect/reconnect,reset modem/router,checked wire feed and even replaced some of the wires.

Any thoughts??

have you got a firewall up maybe that could be blocking internet access?

I do and I beleive I have it set (through my anitivirus) to allow connection. I don't understand that sometime I have no problem and sometime I do. I'll double check my firewall setting again, but I don't recall ever changing that setting. Thanks for the suggestion.

Problem solved it was my UBS connection shorting out on me. Thanks