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I often use remote desktop to connect to my office pc. Often times, I'm writing a document on the office pc and I need to include a screenshot of an application etc. Over RDP, how do I make the office pc take a screen shot and have it pasteable? When I attempt to take a screen shot over RDP, it takes a screen shot of my RDP session, (ie it's my local pc taking the screen shot, not the office pc), and the image is not pasteable by the office pc into the document.

Anyone know any tricks?

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You can buy software, called Remote Screenshot, from Snapfiles, (Google search brings it up), which has a free trial.

Or, how about using the on screen keyboard (accessability in start menu), and pressing the key on the machine.

Or maybe get VNC which is better than remote desktop, (and Free to my knowledge), run a higher resolution on the machine running VNC, so that a full desktop view can be seen. then take your screenshot, and crop it down to only show that of the remote PC.

I'll try option 2. My company's security policy would block any of your other options. Thanks.

use program called 'snag it'.

I know this thread is from like 2005, but it came up first in a google search, so I thought people might want to find the real solution here.

Remote Desktop Connection has a built in shortcut for taking a screenshot of a remote

• CTRL+ALT+Minus sign (-) (Place a snapshot of the entire client window area on the Terminal server clipboard and provide the same functionality as pressing ALT+PRINT SCREEN on a local computer.)
• CTRL+ALT+Plus sign (+) (Place a snapshot of the active window in the client on the Terminal server clipboard and provide the same functionality as pressing PRINT SCREEN on a local computer.)

Thanks - (Was still looking for this 3 years later!)

I tried Alt+Ctrl+(plus/negative sign) and didn't work. But if you use the On-Screen Keyboard (Proprams->Accessories->On-Screen keyboard), it works great.
On the On-Screen Keyboard, click Alt, psc, and then ent. You can then paste the screenshot of the active window.

Thanks to all for this trick.

No joy with the above couple of methods but what I did have joy with was the following:


and another really useful thing when you are remote desktoping is to know how to launch the Windows Task Manager:


Click Alt on the On screen keyboard and hit TAB on your actual keyboard to toggle between the running applications on the Remote Desktop. Click Alt on the On screen keyboard again to select the desired application.

For me the on screen keypad's PrntScreen button transferred to my Windows 7 box the screenshot on my clipboard.

Great suggestion to use on screen keyboard "psc" key to take screenshot within remote machine when on Remote Desktop with local clipboard access disabled.

Okay this article may be dead but people still seem to arrive here. The answer is the Snipping Tool, which faithfully captures what is appearing on your screen as opposed to PrtScr which kindly removes the connection bar.

Open onscreen keyboard on your office pc(remotely accessed pc) and select CTRL+ALT+Prnt Scrn on the onscreen keyboard.Then you can paste it.

The below answers may be old, but they still work. I just pinned the "On-Screen Keyboard" to my task bar and use the "ALT"+"PrtScn", then paste. I also agree that if you could get your office to install SnagIt, it is one of the most versatile screen shot programs I've ever run across.

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