I just got The Sims 2. I ordered it from Circuit City. But when I try to install It, It just stops at 23%. I don't understand why. Can someone help me? I have all the system requirements. I know It can run on my computer but It just won't go past 23%.

You should go to your computer's manual for help installing the SIMS. Failing that (if you don't have a manual) then try going to the manufacturer's website for assistance. Depending on the PC, there may be a lot of different requirements, i.e., (1) all SIMS must be identical, (2) SIMS must be installed in certain banks (assuming you are not filling up the banks), (3) your computer may only be capable of recognizing a fixed amount of RAM, etc. Your manual should tell you these things.

Just for your info: To get better help, you should always give details on your problem. In this case, computer make, model, operating system, Info on SIMs installed and info on the new SIMs, etc. The more info you provide, the better someone can help you.