i have come accross a probelm and i was wondering Outlook 2003 could do this or would i need 3rd party mail program.

Here is what i am trying to do.

Ok this receptionist has her own calander wher she puts her appointment and stuff in. She then creates antoher sub calander where she puts office events and appoitnments in.

Now she would like to share the sub calander and only the sub calander to everyone in her office. Can this be done, i read that u cannot do this.

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You can do it but there are a little problems with permission and delegations.

Yoy can change the permissions on all the sub calenders, but there is no way you can share just a sub calender without sharing the persons main calender. You can set different permision for all sub calenders but when u share the persons mail box they will be able to view your main calender. The only thing you can do is to delete the main calender from the list on the computer where u shared the calender. This is not a fix casue at anytime the person can easily re add the main calender. Which is a invasion of privacy if the person doens't want it shared